10 Years Ago: Our First Vacation


March 2004 brought the first real vacation for me and Richard. It was one of my closest friend’s weddings, so we traveled to Boston and NYC together. I believe this was the last time I saw snow (and maybe even Richard’s first time). We had a great time checking out both cities with Nicole (bride) and Alicia (my best friend since childhood). Here are some of the highlights from our trip.

See below for a very special “Throwback Thursday”!

Boston & NY CollageSo here’s a REAL throwback. I just located my old LiveJournal and found this post about the trip:

Day 1 – Arrived in Boston. Our plane had these cool individual TV screens. Nicole and Brent picked us up in a Zip car. I get out of the car, walked about 10 feet, tripped, and fell right on my knees. That night we went to Legal Seafood for dinner.

Day 2 – Richard and I went exploring. We meant to do historic sh*t, but we ended up shopping. This was the day that it started snowing! This was very exciting at first. That night was the bridal shower/bachelorette party. The shower was at Cheesecake Factory. We had a lot of fun. Our internet planning worked well! Nicole got lots of nice gifts, we played games, etc.

The bachelorette party…We were going to go to all these clubs downtown, but we ended up not having time, so we went to two local places. We had a lot of fun. I was kinda tired to begin with, so I had some Jose Cuervo, and I was “gold.” (not funny??)

Day 3 – Wedding rehearsal day. We spent most of the day setting stuff up and practicing. afterwards, we went to Longhorn’s for dinner. Nicole was kinda anxious, so she didn’t eat much. That night, a bunch of people went back to the school to set more shit up, but i was too tired.

Day 4 – Wedding day. Everything went smoothly. Everyone looked really nice, I got kinda tipsy and made a ridiculous toast. Everyone laughed. They were taking bets on what would happen first…I get drunk and strip or trip and fall. I did neither!

After the wedding, we drove to “the big city.” we got to Alicia’s place pretty late (1ish maybe??) but I think she was happy to see us. Her place was really nice. Her bedroom was big with nice bedding.

Day 5 – All of NY in one day. We went to Ground Zero, Chinatown, Central Park Zoo, Rockefeller Center, Times Square…and at night Alicia treated us to a nice Thai dinner and then we walked around the village.

Day 6 – We visited Brooklyn. It was snowing a lot that day…We went to King’s Highway, saw my old apt. building, went to the prome”nad”e, and had a nice lunch in an Italian restaurant. We left for Boston that day on the greyhound – 6 1/2 hrs through the snow followed by 45 mins on the T to get to Nicole’s. Snow EVERYWHERE! The snow in Boston was so white and fluffy looking.

Day 7 – Time to leave. We were pretty much ready to get home by then, after being away for a week. I think Richard had enough culture shock! Our flight was a bit slow, and when we arrived, we had to take 2 city buses to my place – YUCK! All in all, though, it was a great first REAL vacation together! I’m working on a scrapbook of our adventures in transportation!

As you can see… I’ve always been a blogger 😉

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