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It’s been two weeks since we moved from South Florida to North-Central Florida, and we are starting to settle into our new neighborhood. We are so fortunate to now live in an absolutely beautiful community. Our home is nicely set into a wooded backdrop. In the center of the community is a village center with restaurants, bars, and local businesses. Each morning this week, I decided to explore our community on foot by taking a leisurely jog through several of the subdivisions and across the golf course. Every subdivision has its own vibe. Some of the homes have large lots while others are zero lot-line. Some are huge mansions while others are small townhouses and villas. Some are newer construction while others have been here almost 30 years. With such a diverse community, there’s so much to explore!

In addition to the village center and golf course, we have two community swimming pools, a fitness center, several play areas for children, and an equestrian center. Between the dining and leisure options, there is so much to do within our community! And with so much to do, I have to wear an outfit that can take me from exercising to play dates to enjoying the outdoors to dining. A fun graphic T-shirt, plain black leggings, and a great pair of sneakers will do the trick! Here’s how I put together this awesome outfit.

First, I headed to DSW to purchase Reebok Club MEMT’s retro-style sneakers. They were easy to locate in the sneaker section. These classic shoes have a fun 80s throwback feel. The inside is very comfortable, so they make for a great walking shoe. Tip: Join DSW’s reward program to earn points toward store gift certificates. The staff members at DSW were very helpful when I was trying to find the shoes and when I was checking out!

Next, I designed this shirt using my Silhouette Cameo and some iron-on vinyl. This shirt is perfect for the gym, walk through the neighborhood, playdate, or casual dining outdoors. Lattes & Lunges? Two of my faves!


  • Heat-transfer vinyl in the color of your choice
  • Plain t-shirt {I purchased a men’s medium)


  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Iron
  • Small towel
  • Scissors

I began by designing my graphic using my Silhouette Studio software. You can use words like I did or select an image to cut. Be sure to mirror your design so that the letters are facing the proper direction when you iron them on to your shirt. I made my design 8 inches wide so the words would cover the front of my shirt nicely, but still be readable while I’m wearing it.

After cutting your design and pealing back the excess vinyl, lay your design where you’d like it to sit on your shirt. Keep in mind, you will be cutting the collar to give a fun off-the-shoulder look to your shirt, so center your design accordingly.

Iron your design into place. You can use a thin towel with your iron on a cotton setting. You will have to hold your iron in place up to a minute to make sure the design adheres well. Slowly peel back the plastic, and if it needs more time, iron longer.

Now, it’s time to cut your shirt. Begin by cutting off the hem on the bottom and the hem on the sleeves. To cut the neckline, I followed this YouTube tutorial. I measured from the side of my neck to the outer edge of my shoulder (13 inches), halved that number (6.5 inches), and marked from the center of my collar to the edge of the shoulder of my shirt. I cut that portion of the front layer of my shirt by going around the color. Then I matched it up with the other side, and cut the second side. In the back, I just cut along the edge of the collar.

Now my shirt is ready to go! Simply pair it with a solid-colored pair of leggings, add my new retro-style Reeboks, and I’m ready for a day exploring my new community. Whether it’s a quick run, enjoying an iced latte at my local cupcake shop, working out at the fitness center, or visiting the horses at the equestrian center, this active look takes me from one part of my day to the next seamlessly.

Head to DSW where you can find the latest styles – including fun retro shoes like these Club MEMT Reeboks – at a great price. You can also shop online and have your shoes delivered to your home if you don’t have a store nearby.

What’s your favorite go-to look for the summer? 


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