Enjoying Photography in My New Community


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One of the greatest gifts my father shared with me was his love of photography. While at home, on vacation, out to a restaurant… my dad was always taking photographs. Each time I took a new set of blog images or pictures of the kids, I shared them with him. He would proudly tell me each time that I am becoming an awesome photographer. It’s one of the things I miss most about him — our conversations about photography. It’s also something I take with me everywhere I go: our shared love of photography.

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We moved last month from South Florida to North-Central Florida. Much of my time is spent either organizing the house or scrambling to find things for the kids to do, but I’ve taken some time early each morning to just walk. We live in a huge community set in the woods, surrounded by nature.

I brought my camera along to capture some of my favorite images: flowers, squirrels, trees, and more. There’s just so much to take in, and it’s all beautiful. I’ve never been much of a tropical South Florida girl, but tall trees and woodland critters? They make me feel at peace.

I have three prime lenses that I use for all of my photography: 35 mm F/2, 50 mm F/1.2, and 100 mm F/2.8. The above photographs were taken with the 100 mm lens, but I’m thinking I need a better zoom lens to really capture some of the beautiful nature outdoors. I’ve seen hawks and cardinals and rabbits either too far away along the ground or too high up in a tree or telephone pole. Whenever I buy camera equipment, I shop used to find the best deals.Since 1979, KEH has been helping photographers of all levels buy and sell used photography gear. The gear is carefully inspected and given a grade by their industry experts who can help customers find the right gear at the right price. It’s easy to navigate the website to find exactly what you are looking to purchase. Here’s how at KEH.com.

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On the front page, you can use keyword to look for a specific type of gear {e.g. camera, lens, speedlight}. If you are uncertain, you can just select “shop gear” at the top to browse the available products.

I own a Canon 6D, which is a full frame digital camera, so I applied the following filters:

  • Brand Name: Canon
  • System: Canon Digital

From there, I selected the lens that I wanted, an 18 – 200 mm F/3.5-5.6 lens. I was also able to select the grade. I went with an “excellent” so that the lens would have minimal wear and tear. For the slight difference in price, it is worth it!

Then all I had to do was add it to my shopping cart and complete the purchase. Simple as that! Want to save? Use the promo code LUCKY7 to save 7% off entire order of used gear {expires 7/31/2017}.

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