Christmas Mantle Decor {on a budget}


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Now that my home renovations are almost complete, I can really start to enjoy some of the beautiful features of my home, including a large wood-burning fireplace and mantle. I’ve never owned a house with a fireplace and mantle, so I’m excited to be able to decorate this area seasonally. Here’s my Christmas Mantle Decor {on a budget}. The materials to make this project can be purchased at Dollar Tree.


  • Three 5″ x 7″ photo frames
  • 5 red velvet bows
  • 2 packages faux snow {small and large balls}
  • 2 tall glass candleholders
  • 2 flameless candles
  • 3 sheets grey cardstock
  • craft glue


Begin by taking a quick trip to Dollar Tree where you can purchase the materials for this Christmas Mantle Decor on a budget. I wanted a design that was simple and elegant, with classic Christmas colors, like red and gold. I selected three gold frames, a pack of red velvet bows with gold bells, and two different sizes of faux snow.

I chose a beautiful cursive font to print the words Joy, Love, and Peace on light grey card stock. I chose the grey card stock because I like how it contrasted both the gold frame and the white faux snow. It also coordinates well with the decor in my home.

Next, remove the back from the picture frame and glue the card stock to the cardboard with the hinge on the back. Fill the inside of the frame with faux snow about one-third of the way up. This gives it such a fun, festive appearance, perfect for Christmas.

Place the backing on the frame and secure it tightly so the faux snow does not come out of the bottom or sides. Using craft glue, adhere a red velvet bow to the top left corner of the frame. Repeat this process three times for all three picture frames.

Between the frames, I placed these fun glass candle holders. Simply use the twist tie connected to the bow to attach one to each glass candle holder. Place a red glittery LED flameless tea light in each one, and they are ready to go!

Arrange your pieces on your mantle, placing a candle holder between each one. This simple project is so elegant, but it makes such a great statement for the holidays. It was so fun to decorate my mantle for the first time!

Head to Dollar Tree where you can purchase the materials for this project and so many more fun Christmas decorations. Note: Christmas products are removed from the store website on 11/6/17 to stock their stores. In order to purchase Christmas products after 11/6/17, you must visit their local Dollar Tree store.

How do you decorate your mantle for Christmas?

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