Lime Mint Iced Tea Recipe

Lime Mint Iced Tea Instagram

This Lime Mint Iced Tea recipe is the perfect beverage for when it starts to heat up outdoors!




  1. Cut both limes in half, and juice three of the halves. Put the other half aside for later. Create ribbons of the fresh mint – known as a chiffonade – by tightly rolling the leaves together and cutting into the thin strips.
  2. In the shaker, add one bottle of Sweet Leaf Tea in the Original Sweet flavor, the lime juice, and the fresh mint.
  3. After shaking the ingredients together, pour the flavored iced tea into two glasses filled with ice. Cut the remaining half of a lime into slices, and add one two each glass. Top with a leaf of mint, and your refreshing Lime Mint Iced Tea is ready to serve!

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