Easy Unicorn Rainbow Cake Tutorial

Easy Unicorn Rainbow Cake slice

This colorful Easy Unicorn Rainbow Cake takes no time at all to prepare and makes you look like an expert baker with simple short cuts.




  1. The first step in my quick, simple unicorn rainbow cake is to preheat your oven to 350º F. Then make the batter. In a large bowl, combine one package of vanilla cake mix, 4 eggs,  water, and oil. This mixture will be very thick. When combined, divide the mixture in half into two separate bowls, and add one blue Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cup to one of the bowls, one pink Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cup to the other bowl.
  2. Grease a set of five small cake pans. I bought these as a pack together to attempt to make beautiful layered cakes. Grease each pan with butter, and fill two with the blue mixture, two with the pink mixture. Combine the remaining pink and blue mixtures to make a purple batter, and fill the fifth pan with that mixture. Place your pans in the oven for 15 minutes to bake.
  3. Remove the pans from the oven after 15 minutes and allow the cakes to cool completely. Using a bread knife, slice the tops off each cake to level each layer. This way, they can stack evenly all the way up {this is an adult job for sure}.
  4. Now it’s time to build your cake! Place one layer at the bottom of a large plate. Next, add a layer of strawberry jam. I purchased the kind int he squeeze bottle for easy application. Use an offset spatula to spread the jelly on evenly. Build each layer until all five cakes are stacked, with the purple layer in the middle. If you find your cakes are not even around the sides, slide your knife around the edge to even them all out.
  5. Time for the frosting. Again, because I am not a professional cake decorator, I purchased store-bought frosting to quickly make this Easy Unicorn Rainbow Cake. I also purchased a kit that included stick-on unicorn eyelashes and a unicorn cake topper. And because I have absolutely no idea how to make all of those beautiful flowers people pipe onto fancy cakes, I bought pastel-colored meringues to use as the decorations on top of the cake. I think they worked quite well!

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