Blood Orange Red Wine Sangria

Blood Orange Red Wine Sangria glasses

This Blood Orange Red Wine Sangria is a delicious cocktail for your spring and summer get-togethers!




  1. Begin by grabbing a large pitcher and pouring an entire bottle of red wine into it. Yes, entire bottle. You will be enjoying this sangria with some of your friends because it is just delicious. I recommend a red wine that is well-balanced; not too sweet, not too dry.
  2. Next, add 1/2 cup of orange liqueur and 1/2 cup of simple syrup. Simple syrup is made by combining equal parts water and sugar in a sauce pan over a low heat until the sugar completely dissolves. When it reaches room temperature, it is ready to be added to drinks.
  3. Squeeze the juice of one blood orange into your pitcher. Don’t have a blood orange? Don’t worry; you can use any type of orange for this recipe. I just love how the blood oranges coordinate with my awesome red hair color. Plus, they are in season now, so it worked out perfectly!
  4. Add one cup of raspberries to the pitcher. I purchased fresh raspberries, but I froze them so they would help chill the drink. You can add fresh room temperature raspberries or purchase raspberries from the frozen section of your grocery store. The flavor will be the same either way.
  5. Finally, slice the remaining two blood oranges, and add the slices to your pitcher. Fill wine glasses with ice, and pour yourself a delicious glass of Blood Orange Red Wine Sangria.

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