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Going to the movies has become one of our favorite family activities over the past year. Just last month, we went to see a movie my kids were so excited about after school on a Friday, and afterwards, we had dinner with my parents at a restaurant we had never tried before. At 4 and 6 years old, they now know to remain seated in the theater the whole time, attend to the movie, and even discuss it afterwards. They have also learned that the previews before the movie are for upcoming movies, so they pay close attention to line up our next family favorites. Since going to the movies last fall, they’ve been so excited every time the preview for The Secret Life of Pets has appeared. My kids crack up when they show the scene with the pets quietly sitting as the owner exits the room, then cranking up the metal music and rocking out! This movie will definitely be on our summer viewing list.

For a great summer snack that you can pack in any tote bag for a day of fun at the beach or park: Mott’s® Applesauce and Mott’s Apple Juice. Mott’s products help teach your children to make smart snack choices for nutritious habits in the future. Here’s an idea for making your snacks super cute! And then learn how Mott’s is helping you see The Secret Life of Pets below!

Secret Life of Pets

Speaking of summer — how is it that school is already out and summer is in full swing? This summer it’s Camp Mommy! Richard’s new job is requiring him to work almost the entire summer, so I’ve been taking the kids on playdates, working on a summer homeschooling curriculum, and keeping them active. And of course, it’s very important that we maintain our good eating habits all summer long by packing healthy snacks to take with us on all of our outings. But why not have a little fun with our snacks? Check out this super-cute idea!

Secret Life of Pets Snack Ideas


  • Several colors of card stock
  • Scissors
  • Fine tip marker
  • Glue


Gather all of your materials. I chose to make a cat and a dog as my applesauce pets, but you can create whatever animals your children like. Select your two main colors for your pets, then add more colors for the details, like eyes, ears, and noses. A fine point black marker can be used to add the finishing touches!

scissors and paper

I cut my animals using my Silhouette Cameo, but you can get creative and cut your own designs as well. (Side note: My husband sorta teased me when I purchased these gold scissors, but this is the second post where I got to photograph them, and I just love them. They are awesome, right?)

cut out pets

Now that your animals are cut out, assemble them and feel free to get creative. I used just paper, glue, and a marker, but you could add pipe cleaners for whiskers, wiggly eyes, glitter for a collar, etc. Consider your child’s favorite colors and textures as you design these snack time surprises!

glue pets

Finished with your pets? Simply use glue or double-sided tape to adhere your pets to the Mott’s Applesauce Cups. How cute are these? It’s like a fun new way to surprise your kids with a lunch note – in the form of a cute little animal snack buddy!

pet materials

Now that you have purchased healthy snacks for your children to enjoy, you must check out these awesome movie offers. Just click on the highlighted links and follow the instructions to take advantage of these two great offers:

*Note: Offers can be stacked; purchases of 5 products are eligible to receive the free child’s ticket and $8 movie voucher.

registration Screen Shot

Make sure you hang on to your receipt with all 3 or 5 Mott’s purchases – you will be prompted to upload it after submitting your name and email. Just take a photo of your receipt and upload that image.

Screen shot receipt

I was then sent a registration confirmation and a direct link to print my movie pass, valid at one of several participating locations just a few miles from my house. How easy was that?

screen shot ticket

My kids are so excited to see this movie, I definitely purchased what I needed at Walmart, a combination of five different Mott’s products, so that I could redeem this offer. Look down the canned fruit aisle for the Mott’s Applesauce Pouches and Mott’s Applesauce Cups and the juice aisle for the Mott’s Apple Juice 64oz and Mott’s Juice 8oz 6pk. And pack your Mott’s products for fun summer days outdoors!

 Are your kids excited to see The Secret Life of Pets this summer?

Mott's at Walmart

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