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We began 2016 as road trip amateurs, but when the year came to an end, we were definitely road trip pros! How’d we do it? Trial and error really. We planned a 4,000-mile summer road trip from South Florida to Maine and a winter road trip from South Florida to Louisiana. This was in addition to our normal in-state road trips to places like northern Florida, the west coast of Florida, and the Florida Keys. Richard tends to suffer from various aches and pains throughout his body, and this presents a real challenge when both spending excessive time in the car and walking around to explore new cities and rural areas. I tend to get bad headaches, so I need to monitor those as well. Here are tips for planning a family road trip when you love someone who suffers from chronic pain.

Use multiple forms of transportation.

When road tripping, there’s more than one way to get around. Beyond relying solely on your car to see your favorite sites, try boats, buses, subways, trollies, and even horse-drawn carriages. These different forms of transportation will allow you to stretch out more comfortably and position your body in different ways. This is especially important if the person who suffers from pain is the primary driver.  While in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, we spent a morning on the sea watching whales from this awesome boat! The boat was very spacious, so we got to stretch out, walk around, and relax while enjoying the sea.

A horse-drawn carriage is a fun way to get around in some cities. The kids enjoyed posing in front of this horse in Savannah, Georgia, the first top on our road trip last summer. This is a city we absolutely love, and it’s great because there’s so much to see in a fairly small area.

When visiting New York City, we took the subway. The children had never been on an underground train, so they were actually excited. Avoid busy times of the day {like morning/afternoon rush hour}, and you should be able to sit comfortably in your own seat.

Allow for spontaneity.

Try not to keep too tight a schedule. While in the car for long drives, you may need to stop often to stretch. Richard was really uncomfortable when we drove from Tallahassee, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana, so we made several stops along the way. The first stop was Ponce de Leon Springs State Park in the Florida Panhandle. This park had a 1/2 mile walking trail that was a great way to stretch out a little while enjoying nature.

We also stopped to enjoy the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi. Richard got to relax while the kids had fun feeding the seagulls. Beaches are a great place for people who have chronic pain because they can lay down on a towel, sit in a beach chair, mov around in the water, or walk to stretch.

While we road-tripped through Maine, we enjoyed the beautiful outdoors while sitting at a picnic bench. If you’ve never visited the northeast in the summer, it’s absolutely beautiful. We were able to wear comfortable clothing {sometimes even long-sleeve shirts and sweaters} and feel cool. Definitely different from South Florida in July!

Pack wisely & be prepared.

You never know when pain will hit you. Even if you’ve planned every aspect of the day to be pain-free, when you live with chronic pain, it’s impossible to know what will happen. We recently purchased Curamin® Stop Pain Now® Extra Strength to help manage Richard’s pain. Curamin’s® clinically-studied ingredients are carefully selected for safe pain relief. It is the #1 selling brand of natural pain relief. Curamin® is safe, effective, and non-addictive, without the negative side effects that can be caused by over-the-counter and prescription pain medications. Be sure to pack lots of water, too, to stay hydrated and to use to take Curamin®.

Choose places wisely. 

When touring new cities, select a few places you really want to visit. If you’d like to visit large places like historic sites, zoos, and museums, know in advance which areas and/or exhibits are most important to your family. You never know when pain can strike, so prioritize what you’d like to see. Last summer, we visited the Springfield Museums in Massachusetts. This is an area with four different museums and a grass section in the middle. The grassy section had a Dr. Seuss sculpture exhibit I knew we’d love to check out! We walked quickly through the museums to get an overview of what there was to see, but we did not get to check out each exhibit.

The same goes for City Park in New Orleans. We took a trolley there, walked through a portion of the sculpture garden, and visited Storyland Park so the kids could play. A playground is great because parents who suffer from pain can interact with the kids part of the time, then relax on a bench to monitor the kids when needed.

We visited a beautiful plantation in South Carolina. It had a petting farm area with rescued animals, gardens, woods, an area with the slave quarters, the plantation home, and a marshy area with a boat ride. I wanted to do everything, of course, but we couldn’t do it all. We spent about 3 hours there to enjoy the highlights, my favorite being this beautiful bridge. It’s actually one of th most photographed bridges in the world. Gorgeous, right?

Invest in a spacious vehicle. 

I know this is kind of a given, but knowing we wanted to do a lot of family road trips, we invested in a large SUV last summer. This allows us to collect lots of souvenirs, hold lots of luggage, and still have room to stretch out your body as you drive. This new SUV has a lot of legroom and even a third row of seats when we travel with additional family members.

I hope these tips will help you plan for an amazing road trip with your family! Even though Richard suffers from chronic pain – primarily body aches from his ankle through his shoulder on the left side of his body – he’s able to enjoy awesome adventures on the road. We have visited the entire east coast, and we’ve gone as far as northwest as Indiana and southwest as Louisiana. I hope to enjoy many more road trips as a family. Curamin® is there to help.

When planning a road trip your whole family will love:

  • Use multiple forms of transportation.
  • Allow for spontaneity.
  • Pack wisely & be prepared.
  • Choose places wisely.
  • Invest in a spacious vehicle.

I headed to Tunie’s, our natural grocery and herbal supplement store, to purchase Curamin®. I grabbed a bottle of Curamin® Stop Pain Now® Extra Strength Pain Relief, but there are many other varieties available depending upon your needs. Find Curamin® products in a location near you.

How do you plan for a great family road trip?

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    I need to visit Savannah again. We went one year in August and the heat was overwhelming! These are all great tips! #client

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