Outdoor Fall Fun for Kids


Fall in Florida is like summer in Florida… and spring in Florida. We basically have two season: hot (which lasts from March through November) and warm (which lasts from December through February). But this doesn’t stop us from participating in seasonal activities outdoors. In facts, it’s my favorite time of the year! While we do the beach and waterparks during the actual summer months, we enjoy pumpkin patches and local fairs during the fall. Here are some of our favorite fall activities in Florida.

Pumpkin pictures. Since Lydia was a little baby, we have visited pumpkin patches annually to take photos. There’s just something that is adorable about a child holding a pumpkin on his/her lap at any age. (Although I’m thinking it may get a little weird during the teenage years…)

Lydia SmilesHay play. I was going to say that fall is a great time to get a little messy, but really, any time of the year is great for getting messy outdoors! Find a big pile of hay and toss it all around. The kids actually played ‘find the coin in the hay’ at an event last weekend, and they redeemed their coins for prizes.


Pumpkin painting. We love heading to the local nursery each year to do some pumpkin painting. For $5, the kids each pick their own pumpkins, their favorite paint colors, and have fun painting! We walk around the nursery and visit the indoor farmer’s market while the pumpkin dry. Then we brig them home to decorate our front porch area.


Fall crafts. The event we went to last weekend was hosted by the neighboring city. In addition to bounce houses, games with prizes, and hay rides, they also had a tented craft area. The kids colored frisbees and picture frames to take home.
wells-and-korns korns-and-wells

Outdoor playdate. Rather than just wearing your costume on Halloween, get some extra use out of it at an outdoor playdate with friends. Bryce was just coming from another birthday party so he wasn’t costume-ready, but the kids had fun with their friends who were in costume.


Animal fun. When I think of the fall, I think of time on a farm, harvesting crops. Not that I’ve done this myself, but you’ve read all the beautiful children’s books that take place in the fall, right? To honor that tradition, it’s nice to visit a local farm or petting zoo so children can experience the animals, see the crops that are ready for picking, and just enjoy the country.


Regardless of how you are celebrating the fall, if you’re spending hours outdoors with your children, remember to pack two important things: water and snacks. A great snack for kids on the go is CLIF Kid Zbars®, which are Non-GMO, made with organic ingredients, contain important nutrients for active kids, and are made without HFCS or artificial ingredients.


Remember, the most important thing to do when planning outdoor activities this fall is to have fun! While the posed photographs of smiling kids properly holding pumpkins are super cute, the goofy photographs are just the best. That’s when their personalities really shine!
fall-sibling-hugCLIF Kid® makes nutritious snacks from organic ingredients that are specially-crafted for kids’ developing taste buds and active lives. CLIF Kid Zbars are perfect for growing kids and their busy parents. I pack an extra one for myself, too! CLIF Kid is dedicated to reclaiming play all year long. Check out the CLIF Kid video for more information.

How do you enjoy the fall outdoors with your kids?


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