5 Letter Games to Play with Your Food


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I live in Florida – You know what that means? Over a week trapped inside because of Hurricane Irma. The solution? Having a little fun with our food! Here are 5 Letter Games to Play with Your Food, specifically Alpha-Bits® cereal. After checking out these games, continue to read about an awesome Nintendo and Post sponsored sweepstakes, where you can win a super-fun prize package. Details below!


The first game is Letter Matching. Gather your child’s wooden or plastic magnetic letters. Grab a bowl of Alpha-Bits cereal, and see if your child can match the cereal letters to their toy letters. This is a great way to practice skills like 1:1 correspondence, letter identification, and capital-lowercase letter matching.


Do you have a hard time getting your children to practice their spelling words? Here’s a fun way to practice them together! Just spell the words with cereal. Eat each word after you spell it for a tasty snack your children will enjoy.


Feel and Guess is a fun way to work on your children’s letter recognition and tactile skills. First, ask your children to close their eyes. Next, hand your children a letter. They will feel the letter in their hands with their eyes closed until they can identify it. If your children struggle, give them a clue…perhaps the letter’s sound? Or a word that starts with that letter?


Here’s a fun twist on a traditional game — Cereal Hangman! Just use a black marker and piece of paper to make the correct number of dashes for the word. Then have your children guess letters. With each correct guess, find the cereal piece and place it on the line. When your children guess the word correctly, they can eat all the cereal letters as the prize!


The last game is Word Scramble! With this game, simply think of a word, find all the letters, and scramble them up. Your children will have to rearrange the letters to figure out the secret word. If your children get stumped, there are a few options. You can either give your children a clue about the word, you can show your children the first letter, or you can have your children use those letters to make smaller words. My secret word? CEREAL! But you can also make other words with those letters like “care” and “race.”

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