First Farm Day of the Year


The month of January is very important for a number of reasons: celebrating New Year’s Day, enjoying the remainder of Winter Break with my husband (he’s a teacher), it’s obviously the first month of the year so I start working on my resolutions, and it’s the beginning of farm days for us as a family!

hand picks strawberry

Strawberries, tomatoes, and peppers are all available to pick starting in late December/early January in South Florida. Usually we travel north to Palm Beach County, but today we traveled south to Miami-Dade County. There’s an area that takes a little over an hour to get to called The Redlands. It’s known for it’s agriculture. We visited two farms on our first farm day, Knaus Berry Farm and Burr’s Berry Farm.

Lydia pick berryThe kids really look forward to going to the farm, whether it’s a you-pick farm like this or a petting farm with small animals. I gave each kid a container so they could pick their own strawberries.

Bryce WalksThis is the first year Bryce actually picked the ripe strawberries (usually he picks whatever he sees). He did a really great job, and he was proud to show off what he picked!

Bryce shows berry

Usually I stay really close and hold his hand, but this time I let him explore more independently. He stayed nearby and checked to see where we were so that he didn’t get too far away from us.

Bryce walks funny

Lydia is a great strawberry picker! She very meticulously examines each strawberry so she can pick the very ripest berries.

bending to pickLydia managed to fill almost her entire container (about 1.5 pounds) by herself. Of course, after she hit about a pound, she had me carry it for her.

Strawberry in boxLydia holds box
As soon as we got home from the farm, the kids ate dozens of strawberries. They were so red, ripe, and juicy! I even baked cupcakes with strawberry frosting (recipe to come shortly). Back to our time at the farm… after picking strawberries, we picked some tomatoes.

Bryce picks tomato

There were a lot more green tomatoes than red tomatoes, but those are yummy, too, so we picked a few. Who doesn’t love fried green tomatoes? Yum!

Green tomatoesSo this is around the time that my camera died (wah!), but I managed to get one more picture. Knaus Berry Farm is known for its cinnamon rolls. We waited in line quite some time, like 45 minutes, for these delicious treats. We sat in the grass and shared a few.

Cinnamon rolls


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