Fall Fun + New Hair Color


I started editing a ton of photos from the past week to put on my Instagram account, and after doing all the work I decided — Why not make an actual blog post out of them? So here goes! I’ll start with the photo that is different than the rest. At my children’s school, they have a group of dads who put together fun family activities. The first activity? Superhero capture the flag. Here’s my super family before the event!
So the rest of the photos areĀ from this past weekend. We drove a little less than an hour away to Dunellon {it’s like Small Town, USA} to visit the only *real* pumpkin patch in Florida. You can pick the pumpkins straight off the vine. There were white pumpkins, orange pumpkins, and a few random yellow and green pumpkins.

I mentioned a new hair color, huh? Well, here it is! I was ready to go red-violet for fall. I showed my new stylist a photo, and I think she did a pretty darn good job capturing the feel that I wanted. I really like it. Also, I don’t care if I sweat my butt off, it is time to start wearing my awesome tall boots. They are my favorite!

In addition to the pumpkin patch, there was also a beautiful sunflower field. Bryce, Lydia, and I each picked a sunflower to bring home. I absolutely love these sunflower photographs, especially this one of Lydia. Can you see her little freckles?

We have so few a number of family photographs. In fact, the last time we got real family photographs taken was 2.5 years ago, April 2015. I’m glad we took photos then {for our 10-year wedding anniversary} because we also got a few with my mom and dad. So when a girl asked me to take a photograph of her and her friend, I figured I’d also ask her to take a family photograph of us. Um… I mean, this one basically just says it all, right? #boymom

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