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The summer has officially come to an end. Lydia started 2nd grade yesterday and tomorrow is Bryce’s first day of Kindergarten. This is the first time in my almost 8 years as a parent that I am without children five consecutive days for seven hours at a time. It’s bittersweet. It means my time parenting little ones has come to an end, but it also means my children are growing bigger, stronger, and wiser each day.  I want to budget my alone time well each day {work, gym, errands} so that when I pick the kids up from school each afternoon, I can spend valuable time bonding with them. One fun way to spend time together? Set up a fun movie watching party at home.

It doesn’t take much to organize an after school movie party at home. In fact, there are just a few simple requirements:

  • A great movie adults and kids will enjoy, like Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie {available at Walmart 9/12}
  • Some awesome snack foods and beverages
  • A comfy couch
  • Large, soft blanket for sharing
  • Snuggly family members to cuddle

To prepare for our party, I headed to Walmart to purchase snacks, which included Pop Secret popcorn and Lance crackers. Pop Secret popcorn has a great butter taste and is perfect for celebrating life’s simple joys with friends and family. Lance crackers come in a variety of flavors, so there’s definitely something for everyone in your family. With real peanut butter or real cheese between crispy baked crackers, up to 5 grams of protein, and no high fructose corn syrup, Lance crackers are a tasty and satisfying snack solution for after school.

The Captain Underpants DVD is will be available in Walmart stores 9/12! Be sure to reserve your copy now by pre-ordering today {while supplies last}! The hilarious film explores the great friendship between Harold and George and their connection through a love of writing and creativity. You and your kids will love following their crazy antics as they attempt to make every situation fun!

In just minutes, I popped the Pop Secret, set out a few varieties of sandwich crackers from the Lance Captain’s Variety Pack, and poured some cute glasses of water. I also set out Captain Underpants toys and a book to really set the theme of this party. So now that the snacks are set out, it’s time to enjoy them!

When it’s movie time, make sure your kids get nice and snuggly and enjoy a big bowl of popcorn. A big soft blanket and cuddling are absolutely required to truly enjoy any movie at home, right? We will definitely be purchasing Captain Underpants when it’s available September 12th to enjoy as a family.

What are your movie watching essentials?

About Carrie Wells, Ed.D.

Dr. Carrie Wells is a college instructor, blogger, wife, and work-at-home mother to two children, Lydia {age 8} and Bryce {age 6}. Carrie earned her doctorate in Special Education in 2008. After becoming a mother in 2009, Carrie began blogging as Huppie Mama to share her passions for cooking, crafting, beautifying, and her family. In 2016, she rebranded as Our Potluck Family, and her husband Richard became a regular contributor.

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