Beginner’s Quilt Sewing Tutorial


I have just (almost) completed my 4th basic beginner’s quilt. My first three include:

The first three were Wordless Wednesday posts, but I think I’m finally ready to create an actual sewing tutorial. Before you proceed, I must warn you – I don’t know the first thing about real quilting. This is a really simple way to make a nice blanket using the least number of steps possible. Great project for a beginner!

*This tutorial will contain the best images from all 4 quilts. Follow the directions without being confused by the colors/patterns of the fabrics.

Beginner's Quilt Sewing Tutorial


  • 6 ft of coordinating patterned fabric (I usually get one foot of 6 different patterns, but you can do 2 feet of 3 different patterns or even 3 feet of 2 different patterns)
  • 2 packages of coordinating quilt binding
  • 5 ft of solid-colored muslin (I do either white or ivory)
  • Warm & Natural Needled Cotton Batting – Baby size (45″ x 60″)
  • coordinating thread


  1. Begin by cutting your fabrics into strips that are 4″ x fabric width (usually about 45″). You should have a total of 18 strips. When I made my first quilt, I did strips of different thicknesses, but I found that consistency looks more attractive.

    Beginner's Quilt Step 1

  2. Lay the muslin on your surface first. Place the cotton batting directly on top. Choose your first fabric strip. Pin the right-side of the fabric strip down so that the edge of the fabric strip overlaps with the edge of the muslin + batting. Sew a straight line along the edge of your pinned fabric. Be sure to sew through all three layers.

    Beginner's Quilt step 2

  3. Flip over fabric and iron down.

    Beginner's Quilt Step 3

  4. Pin the next fabric strip right-side down over the previous strip. Sew in place along the top edge.

    Beginner's Quilt Step 4

  5. Flip fabric strip up and iron. You have now created your first two rows.

    Beginner's Quilt Step 5

  6. Continue this process as you work your way toward the end of the muslin and batting. Pin strips in place, sew, iron, and repeat until you reach the far end.

    Beginner's Quilt Step 6

  7. At this point, you will probably find that your fabric strips were slightly different lengths, so the sides of the quilt appear uneven.

    Beginner's Quilt Step 7

  8. Trim around all four sides to create straight edges. This is what the back looks like after the edges have been trimmed.

    Beginner's Quilt Step 8

  9. Pin the quilt binding in place all around the quilt. The corners can get pretty tricky, so take your time. I find that it usually takes one entire package and about 3/4 of the second package. Sew around – and your quilt is complete!


Here are four different themed quilts I created.

Beginner’s Owl Quilt with Owl Pillow

Beginner's Owl Quilt


Beginner’s Dog Quilt

Beginner's Dog QuiltBeginner’s Princess Quilt

Beginner's Princess QuiltBeginner’s Undersea Quilt

Beginner's Undersea Quilt

Beginner's Quilt Sewing Tutorials


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11 Responses to Beginner’s Quilt Sewing Tutorial

  1. Donna Gafford says:

    These are super cute ! What size are they when finished ?

  2. anne says:

    Can you show a picture of the back? I am very tempted to attempt one?!

  3. kathy aldridge says:

    i love them all !!!

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  5. Kyrstin says:

    I love this!! I have a nephew coming soon, and want to try this! maybe this is a stupid question, but did you use a sewing machine, or hand stitch?

    • Carrie Wells, Ed.D. says:

      I used a machine. I suppose it could be hand-stitched, but that would take a lot more time 😉

  6. Allison says:

    Do you wash your fabric prior to making the blanket or after it’s completed. Also – can you throw it in the washer? thanks!

    • Carrie Wells says:

      I do not pre-wash my fabrics, but I would recommend doing so if you want to make sure the quilt holds up well. My sister has washed her Ocean quilt several times, but she said it’s fraying a bit in a few spots. That’s probably due to me sewing quickly. If you know your work is really good, you should be able to wash it. Good questions!

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